A Happier Camper


While I’ve been in New Orleans I arranged for Happy Campers to create some new seat covers. The old ones were original with the RV, 1999. You can imagine. Well, it’s better not to imagine how bad they were.

These new ones are awesome. She even got the stripes lined up. I highly recommend this business. I am happier camper now.

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Adventures in Nomading 


Two travel days in a row is tiring. But there is no rest for the weary traveler.   Another new nomadic lifestyle experience/adventure is in the making. 

Tomorrow an RV Hero is coming to service the AC units. This will be the first time they have been serviced since I’ve had the RV. The next day I’m going to visit the local Freightliner dealership. Maybe I can get an appointment. I want the brakes, the air dryer. and shocks checked.   

It is hard to set up house when the house may roll in to the shop for an unknown period of time. And there is the food in the fridge. And few as they are, all my things are in my rolling home. It is an exciting week.  

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The Inverter Saga


Chapter 10

RV Heros returned as promised. 

He replaced the starting batteries.  

and the inverter.  

Later I returned the old battery cores.  

RV Heros did a great job for a reasonable price. I would call them again.  
I’ll be here until Dec. 17 and then I’m going to Gunter Hill.  

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The Inverter Saga

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Chapter 9

An RV Hero arrived in his crimson chariot.  OK OK a red truck   

After much looking and testing, he and I agreed to a two pronged attack. Phase one:

Replace the main batteries. 

$360 later I’m the proud owner of these beauties.  Not installed yet though. 

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The Inverter Saga

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Chapter 8

The Wheel of Fortune

A cycle of destiny in progress. The main lesson of this card is that things are always changing, so never let yourself get too comfortable. Complacency and remaining stationary stagnates growth.

When you are willing to go with the flow of life and can accept both the ups and downs as part of the whole circle; you will find a sense of power and be open to more opportunities.

Recognizing the cyclical nature of life gives you the faith to endure challenges and the hope/wisdom to seek positive new directions.

In life we will all have various up/down cycles; in the end all things serve a purpose. Take all of your experiences and grow from them. If you are in a “down” cycle just now, hang tight – things will come around again. If you are in an “up” cycle, bless that feeling but don’t become too attached. Always look for new ways to grow and shift.

Source: Spiritual Guidance Tarot

Everyone’s life is always changing. Some changes stand out.  Other changes are subtle.  My life is changing a lot these days.   Probably a good or bad or neutral thing.  hehehe 
I’ve been stationary a long time.  That may be ending or not.  It’s too soon to know.  One thing for sure, I don’t want to stagnat here in the cold grayness.

Generally, I’m pretty good with the flow of life and with its ups and downs and sidewaysness.  I think that may come with practice.  Maybe not. It’s difficult to tell.    

Embrace the change. 

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Happy Halloween


I can’t skip my fav holiday.  

And I need to do an RVing update. 

My oh my

I’m in Alabama.  rofl  The jambalaya is tasty 

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I Never Dreamed


A year ago I could not have imagined my life would be like it is today. 


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Drive Away Day…again


“The beginning is always today.”
― Mary Shelley

One more time around the Maypole. Drive away day is Monday, February 2, 2015. It’s like the fourth in the series. I didn’t want to announce it because I didn’t want to jinx it. All things seem to be in order and falling into place.
I leave with mixed emotions.
This area has been mine home for 30+ years.
I’m liking location independence.
My family is here.
I’m looking forward to new foods.
My playmates are here.
I am excited about new subjects for pictures.
One of my spiritual guides is here.
I own property here.
I’m curious.
Most my business affairs are centered in Alabama.
I’ve embraced the challenge of managing my affairs online.
I want to learn.
I’ll be alone.
I’m traveling with a parrot.
New people will be every where. Are they friendly, helpful, uninterested, dangerous, or……
Great for portraits?
I’ll spend a lot of time in Oak Ridge.
I’m afraid.
I’ll spend a lot of time around LA.
I’ll visit Alaska and a lot of friends between here and there and back again.
What if I break down. When will I break down?
Where will I break down?
What about money?
I’m excited.
And Internet?
And all the unknowns….
And all the knowns….
I could go on
And on
And on
And on
I’m leaving the nest again,
jumping and trusting my cape.
I’ll slay my dragons as long as I can.
I’ll sing and cry and laugh and pray and dance.
And I can’t, I’ll begin again.
The end is the beginning.

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Sir Bourbon Poem


Busy day:
Made breakfast
I finally cooked a biscuit correctly in the convention oven. Go Me!
Checked mail
Forwarded mail
Closed PO box
Took care of prescriptions
Changed some more addresses
Put gas in the jeep
Paid mortgage
Humus and pita bread for lunch
Checked on adapter plug for the towing lights
I need to buy a seven blade to four pin adapter.
Waiting on an RV guy to stop by and then its off to the ranger station in Talladega for a senior pass. That will save money at many federal camping areas.
Then I’m meeting a friend for a beer at Dega Brewhouse.
I’m expecting a package containing: a 25′ water hose, a pressure regulator, Next Exit book, and a spiral bound road atlas.

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Annual Review 2014


What went well

Scary as it was, leaving my career really brightened up my life.
The process and logistics of downsizing my possessions was difficult but it was accomplished and it was worth every bit of the effort. I never realized what a burden things could be.
Reducing my bills is mostly completed.
Selling my house. This was stressful but finally came together on Halloween.
Plumbing repairs completed.
Address changes were time consuming but easy. I think I got them all.
Purchasing the RV was easy. Taking ownership of the RV and moving into it turned into an almost two month adventure in staying with family and repairs that had to be made before I would accept delivery. I’m in it now though.

What didn’t go well and have to wait until 2015 (I guess that makes them new year goals.)

Leaving town is more difficult than I thought it would be. It’s some strange form of stuckness. It could be mental, emotional, situational, spiritual, a mixture, or something else entirely.
Of course plain logistics get in the way.
I’m still trying to get the towing package completed and trying to get a tag.
Visiting my daughter. I really wanted to take the RV up there for a month before it was cold weather. That didn’t come together.
I also wanted to be in New Orleans the last half of December. It wasn’t in the cards.
Repairing the rental property has been and is still a long, slow process. Curlee and Moe are doing a good job but they are slow. The floor is a mystery looking for the right detective. Or, it sure is hard to find someone knowledgable to fix this problem.
Applying for social security is a work in progress. It’s been frustrating so far. The government tries to make it easy, but it’s still an ordeal.

What I’ve learned

Walking by faith rather than by sight has been reinforced. It seems I forget and have to relearn that periodically.
Related to this is my mindfulness practice and remembering to live in the illusive now. That too has been reinforced.
I’ve learned I am better off with less stuff. As I emptied that big house, the empty space became creative space. As I emptied my life of the responsibility for stuff, that empty space became creative space.
I’ve been reminded of the importance of friends and family. Loving and being loved is so important. We are social animals.
My gratitude practice has really paid off in increased happiness.
I had many opportunities to practice grooving with the changes during 2014. I feel sure 2015 will be filled with change practice too.

2015 Plans

I plan to spend the first part of 2015 on the gulf coast roaming from New Orleans to Florida. When the weather warms up I’ll be back in Alabama to take care of routine doctor stuff and car tags. Then it’s up to Memphis and across to Oak Ridge. It will be fun to spend a month with my daughter. After that there are some vague notions of exploring the east coast floating around in my head.

Redoing the CrackingMyEgg site is a strong possibility. It’s a new year in a rolling home it’s seems time for a site update.

You can look forward to travel/photo blogs of my adventures. I will be devoting a lot of time to photography and hopefully blogging.

There is some talk of a video project. I’ll keep you posted.

You know plans are always subject to change.

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