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Bob often poses questions that lead me to my own questions.

Today’s is:

Is it embarrassing when my emotional wounds are showing?

Makes me want to go hmmmmm!

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2018 – Intentions


Jennifer McClusky shared a format for 2018 intentions. At first I tried to play (be ruled)* by the rules. 😉 Most of that fell by the wayside as the process took its own paths. Here are the intentions that came to me.

The Big Picture

This is a year of transformation, experiencing, and grounding. A time has come for greater productivity, creativity, abundance and consciousness in my life. I have spent many cycles at this frequency. It is time to let go at this level and begin to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Intention #1: I’m going to take the pause, the moment: to breathe, to regroup, to think. Most importantly I will take the pause to step outside the mind, the game, the illusion.

Intention #2: Experience the wonder of it all. Life is amazing. Everything. Rather than think about it using words I want the direct experience.

Intention #3: Continue my daily practice of being mindfully grounded. On the coldest day of the year so far, my bare feet stood on Earth as she spun and speed through space .

Intention #4: Renewal and growth. I want to change my habits. I want them to heal me physically, mentally, and spiritually. That is the starting point for growth. I’m not sure what all this means but it’s a place to begin.

Intention #5: Continue converting my rolling home into a nest that suits me. This is my World HQ. It is my base of operations. It is a safe place and place of inspiration. It continues to evolve.

Intention #6: Practice abundance in all areas of my life.

Intention #7: Practice remembering the conscious mind is just another organ. It’s not the witness.

Intention #8: Listen and be receptive to my inner voice. Be still and know.

Intention #9: Practice balanced spontaneity.

Intention #10: A black and white photo project featuring decay. This a symbolic project. As I toss out that which adversely effects my vibration or cast a dark light in my direction I will make room for nourishing, growth oriented experiences.

Intention #11: Do not fear change. Do not resist change. Embrace change. Keep the good let what does not empower me flow past. If I cling to what I know because it’s comfortable I hinder my own progress. Attachment is a trap. Clinging is a trap.

Intention #12: Flow in the magic of the wild cycles of life. In so doing I’ll get where I’m supposed to be.

Don’t forget #maya and big eyed aliens 👽 from Uranus.

*Everything in parenthesisis a message from The Muse, Autocorrect.

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Happiness Project 45


Starting a new year out right.

1.  NOLA-My Spirit City

My sweet friend Tina recently noticed I was starting the new year in my Spirit City. She said that was good for me. She is so right. I am elated to be beginning this magical, earth grounding, transformative year in New Orleans LA. My spirits soars.

2.  A Sunny Day

As I type this I’m sitting in the gazebo at Jude Travel Park soaking the rays from the first sunny day in a week. It’s not really warm in the wind, but here in the sun it’s great with coffee.

3.  Making silly videos

I have so fallen behind on silly videos. I’m excited and happy by the possibility of getting back to making that content. I have so much foolishness to share. lol

Share your joy. Tell us something that made you happy this week.

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Myku 41


Heard it on the news
It’s scary and dangerous
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
©️JR Cline 1.2.18


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The 2018 Mashup


2018 Things

Keep calm.

I’m not a resolution maker. I’m not a resolution keeper. I pick themes or words or intentions (Stayed tunes. Soon a 2018 intentions blog is coming to a screen near you.) or a mixture. This year is a mashup, a fusion of ideas.

Stay crazy.

My 2018 mantra: “Lord Jesus have mercy on me.” It’s my mala (spiritual fidget spinner) version of the Jesus Prayer.

My always motto: “Be here now”.

My anthem for 2018 is the album “ Apostrophe”. You have hear it to appreciate it.

My theme: Transformation
This is a year of change (as all years are). It’s a year for renewal and new adventures. It’s time to work on myself. A time to check what is truly valuable in my life. I live a nomadic lifestyle and that has changed me. I think it’s time to jump into that process and be more active in the transformation. Or not. 😎 Westward?

Laugh! Live! Love!

And let us not forget the big eyed aliens from Uranus.

Or is that Big Eyed Aliens from Venus Beans! It is beans.

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Happiness Project 44


A month of giving – I send you positive vibes!

1.  Moonwalk

We spent some time walking along the banks of the Mississippi River. The foggy late afternoon was a great time for a photo walk.

2.  Mischievous Creatures

3.   Local Live Music

We walked around the French Quarter some. I got to hear a little bit of local music. I’m happy and excited about hearing more while I’m here.

Share your joy. Tell us something that made you happy this week.

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Happy 2018


As this magical year of transition begins accept these good vibes as a New Year’s gift.

May you live too large.

May you talk too loud and too much.

May you be silent and hear.

May you dance to music playing in your head.

May you be protected from vampires and arseholes of all varieties.

May you eat good food and exercise and sleep as required.

May you have clean water and drink at weddings and funerals.

May your creativity and world expand.

May you lighten your load; fewer things and fewer people and fewer worries.

May you be wild and courageous letting you unique self fly freely.

May you walk in grace and faith, always grateful.

I love you.

Peace ✌️

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Myku 40

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A Goddess
Firewater Snake Oil
Holy Water Olive Oil
Sip Rattlesnake Tea

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Christmas Survey!🎅⛄🎄


1. Favorite Christmas song: Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer

2. Favorite Christmas Movie?: The Christmas Story

3. Favorite Christmas Cookie?: I’m not much of a cookie person.

4. Real tree or fake?: REAL TREE!

5. White lights or colored?: Colored for me, but I’m a fan of lights in general. I like the blinkers too.

6. Star or Angel on top of the tree?: A star because my daughter’s name is Starr.

7. Do you decorate outside?: Yes!

8. Favorite gift you received as a child?: I can’t recall a thing gift. But now I know it was the time with my parents and grandparents. It was their time and love.

9. Favorite gift received as an adult?: The Christmases with my children.

10. Best gift you’ve given someone?: I have no clue. You’d have to ask them.

11. Did you believe in Santa? I did and I do

12. How did you learn he wasn’t real? He is real.

13. Do your kids believe in Santa?: I hope so.

14. Favorite Christmas tradition?: All I have left is some eggnog and a slice of fruitcake. It has to be Claxton Fruitcake. I haven’t seen any but I think Santa is bringing some.

15. Do you prefer stockings or presents? Stockings are more fun to me.

16. What are you doing Christmas Eve? Spending it in New Orleans.

17. What are you doing Christmas day? I’m not sure but I’m in New Orleans.

18. Hot cocoa or egg nog? Egg Nog

19. Favorite Christmas book?: The Night Before Christmas

20. Favorite Christmas candy?: My mom used to make divinity.

21. What do you want for Christmas this year?: To spend it with people I love.

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Not that memes are authoritative
Negative self talk

“You’re bad”
“You can’t write”
“You’ll never be good enough”
“You’ll burn I hell”
“No one will ever be in love with you”
“You’re broken”
“You can’t keep a beat”

I’ve seen memes that said that the negative self talk in my head was from my parents or other authority figures from childhood. I’ve peeled a lot of that away. I’ve silenced that negative voice mostly. It’s a work in progress. I know I’m awesome. I know I’m a child of the king, and a co-heir to the kingdom. John 10:34


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