Full moon in Virgo part 1



I’m camping at Magnolia Branch Wildlife Preserve with Belle and Elliot.

Today’s adventures:

We went to the Wind Creek Casino Grill for breakfast. I had a cheese, spinach, and bacon omelette, a biscuit, strawberry jam, unsweetened tea, and hash browns. It was tasty.

Afterwards we toured the impressive casino facilities: two gift shop, huge pool, gambling floors, hotel, buffet, spa, a couple of bars, game room, cooking classes, bowling alley, movie theaters, coffee shop, liquor store, amphitheater, and the Grill. We boogied to the music 🎶 from the rocking rock.

Back at World HQ we hiked to the creek and went wading. We hiked to the burn pile and picked up giant pine cones. Later we hiked down the road, saw some geese, and played kick the pine cone.

We hiked a couple of miles total. Pretty good considering one of us was only one year old.

We trekked to David’s Catfish House for supper. I had two catfish filets, coleslaw, hush puppies, and turnip greens. I liked it all but the greens. The prices were reasonable and they had an intriguing decor that included a phone booth in case one needed to transform into a super hero.

On the way back to World HQ we made a short trip to Florida.

I’m looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

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Further Down the Road


I rolled Further down the road today. I left New Orleans and Jude Travel Park, went by the U-Haul for some propane and some tight space driving practice (a scary proposition when I’m almost 9’ wide and 44’ long). I flirted with the nice lady. I did some really fancy weaving between the buildings, trucks, and trailers. Everyone that worked there was ready to hop on board the bus. It’s was a rocking and rolling good time at the U-Haul. I paid $53 for the propane and I was history.

I went by the abandoned Six Flags next to I-510. I would like to spend a day there.

From Mobile Alabama I traveled the Hero’s Highway (because it was hero time) and arrived around two pm at Magnolia Branch. I sure did miss my hero partner.

I passed some fire trucks and the burned out husk of someone’s motor home. I hope they escaped.

Robinsonville Baptist Church

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A Good Day On Earth


Wednesday as I sauntered through the French Quarter, the Universe manifested a fellow traveler. She was raising money to purchase a rocket ship. 🚀

Such noble endeavor.

We spoke of many things and lastly about my space and time machine and my travels through the universe.

I took her picture, contributed to the cause, and sauntered on.

It is a good day on planet earth.

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Myku 42


This describes part of my current frame of mind.

Propane, wind, and rain
Running all around my brain
Two sleeps ‘til rolling

©️JR Cline 2.27.18

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Happiness Project 45


Starting a new year out right.

1.  NOLA-My Spirit City

My sweet friend Tina recently noticed I was starting the new year in my Spirit City. She said that was good for me. She is so right. I am elated to be beginning this magical, earth grounding, transformative year in New Orleans LA. My spirits soars.

2.  A Sunny Day

As I type this I’m sitting in the gazebo at Jude Travel Park soaking the rays from the first sunny day in a week. It’s not really warm in the wind, but here in the sun it’s great with coffee.

3.  Making silly videos

I have so fallen behind on silly videos. I’m excited and happy by the possibility of getting back to making that content. I have so much foolishness to share. lol

Share your joy. Tell us something that made you happy this week.

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The 2018 Mashup


2018 Things

Keep calm.

I’m not a resolution maker. I’m not a resolution keeper. I pick themes or words or intentions (Stayed tunes. Soon a 2018 intentions blog is coming to a screen near you.) or a mixture. This year is a mashup, a fusion of ideas.

Stay crazy.

My 2018 mantra: “Lord Jesus have mercy on me.” It’s my mala (spiritual fidget spinner) version of the Jesus Prayer.

My always motto: “Be here now”.

My anthem for 2018 is the album “ Apostrophe”. You have hear it to appreciate it.

My theme: Transformation
This is a year of change (as all years are). It’s a year for renewal and new adventures. It’s time to work on myself. A time to check what is truly valuable in my life. I live a nomadic lifestyle and that has changed me. I think it’s time to jump into that process and be more active in the transformation. Or not. 😎 Westward?

Laugh! Live! Love!

And let us not forget the big eyed aliens from Uranus.

Or is that Big Eyed Aliens from Venus Beans! It is beans.

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NOLA Stream of Consciousness


“It’s gonna be the best day in the world. It’s gonna be the best day ever.” ~ Sensei Jesse

And then it rained balls
Hell’s balls

Start the timer.
Let’s rock.
Yeah baby! That’s right.

My life is mission impossible. That’s why I picked it.

She feels
She feels so much
She is afraid
She was tortured
From the beginning
Taught she wasn’t good enough
Born in sin
Bound for hell
God would intervene
And she did


THEY kept at it
You’re a loser
You’re not good enough
You can never be enough
No hope
No hope

She is still intervening
My God
My God

I love you ❤️


Two Men Toes
Seeking shelter in the crevices
Mister Mustard

What will it be?
Save the animals T-shirt for your monthly $19.95
Or a
Save the children T-shirt for your monthly $19.95

Pretty orange balls.
Be careful.

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The Passport Application


I turned in my passport application (cation)* today. How (misbehave)* naive of me to think I would walk in, turn it in, pay money, and walk away. It was not that way at all.

Guided by the Gatekeepers instructions and (seeks no)* seeking the light of the holiday tree, I wove my way down into the bowels of the county courthouse. There stood the holiday tree in all its radiant glory. Nice Person asked, “Do you have an appointment?” My brain goes, “appointment? This requires an appointment? Huh?” My mouth says, “No, I didn’t know I needed one”. Nice Person says, “Let’s see if we can work you in today.” Off Nice Person goes deeper in the maze. After awhile and a roll of Smarties, Nice Person returns telling me I’m in luck there has been a cancellation and Passport Person can see me now.

More directions and wandering about. Oh look, It’s Passport Person’s office. Ceremonial greetings are exchanged. Palms are pressed together. Paperwork is reviewed, revised, and copied. The appropriate funds are exchanged. Pleasantries are exchanged. Advice is given. An hour passes. I bid farewell, leaving behind my identity, and like the experimental mouse I wind my way back through the maze to Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper gives me a lighter, a laugh, a knife, and buzzes me out into the rain.

That’s my story and Maya and I are sticking to it. 😉

*The things in parenthesis are messages from the muse, Autocorrect.

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Happiness Project 41


Happy in the month of thanksgiving.

1.  MBWR

Magnolia Branch Wildlife Refuge is a hidden gem in Central Alabama. We have have a large campsite. The (boathouse)* bathhouse is adequate. There are great bike riding spaces, a nice lake, a river, and we have cell service. It’s a bit remote which is great.

2.  A travel companion

I’ve enjoyed having a traveling companion for the last few weeks. It always seems like more fun sharing the adventure.

3.  New Front Curtains

Share your joy. Tell us something that made you happy this week.

*Things in parenthesis are messages from the muse, Autocorrect. #Maya

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Happiness Project 26


It's another fun week to be alive!  Here are some happinesses from my life to yours.

1.  The Blues Brothers
It's fun movie with awesome tunes. That hard headed woman of mine done caught the katy.
2.  My lifestyle
I've probably said it before, but I love this lifestyle. It's not perfect. It's not always fun or easy or inexpensive. But when it's good, it's very very good.

3.  Personalizing my World Headquarters
I am finally getting into the idea of making this rolling space into my own space.  Out with the old factory decor and in with my eclectic style.

Share the joy.  If you want to, tell us something that made you happy this week.

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