Further Down the Road


I rolled Further down the road today. I left New Orleans and Jude Travel Park, went by the U-Haul for some propane and some tight space driving practice (a scary proposition when I’m almost 9’ wide and 44’ long). I flirted with the nice lady. I did some really fancy weaving between the buildings, trucks, and trailers. Everyone that worked there was ready to hop on board the bus. It’s was a rocking and rolling good time at the U-Haul. I paid $53 for the propane and I was history.

I went by the abandoned Six Flags next to I-510. I would like to spend a day there.

From Mobile Alabama I traveled the Hero’s Highway (because it was hero time) and arrived around two pm at Magnolia Branch. I sure did miss my hero partner.

I passed some fire trucks and the burned out husk of someone’s motor home. I hope they escaped.

Robinsonville Baptist Church

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The Passport Application


I turned in my passport application (cation)* today. How (misbehave)* naive of me to think I would walk in, turn it in, pay money, and walk away. It was not that way at all.

Guided by the Gatekeepers instructions and (seeks no)* seeking the light of the holiday tree, I wove my way down into the bowels of the county courthouse. There stood the holiday tree in all its radiant glory. Nice Person asked, “Do you have an appointment?” My brain goes, “appointment? This requires an appointment? Huh?” My mouth says, “No, I didn’t know I needed one”. Nice Person says, “Let’s see if we can work you in today.” Off Nice Person goes deeper in the maze. After awhile and a roll of Smarties, Nice Person returns telling me I’m in luck there has been a cancellation and Passport Person can see me now.

More directions and wandering about. Oh look, It’s Passport Person’s office. Ceremonial greetings are exchanged. Palms are pressed together. Paperwork is reviewed, revised, and copied. The appropriate funds are exchanged. Pleasantries are exchanged. Advice is given. An hour passes. I bid farewell, leaving behind my identity, and like the experimental mouse I wind my way back through the maze to Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper gives me a lighter, a laugh, a knife, and buzzes me out into the rain.

That’s my story and Maya and I are sticking to it. 😉

*The things in parenthesis are messages from the muse, Autocorrect.

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Happiness Project 22


Happy Happy
Joy Joy
I’m still managing a weekly happy blog. lol Surprises me.    

1.  The Happiness Project  
It makes me happy I’ve been able to carry through on a weekly happiness post.  I have not been a consistent blogger in the recent past.  👍
2.  Super Powers
I have read some things about people’s super powers.   They often challenge the reader to identify a super power of their own.  After some thought I decided one of my super powers is a general feeling of optimism. I am happy with that.
3.  The Eclipse Coffee and Books 
One of my fav places is closing. I’m not happy it is closing.   I will miss the coffees, the espresso martinis, the food, and the atmosphere.  But I am happy that I’m currently living close enough to visit extra  times and try more of their menu offerings before this 16 year old hangout is gone.  I am grateful for all the good times I have had there. 

Share the joy.  If you want to, tell us something that made you happy this week. 

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Choo Choo


I spent hours wandering the trainyard at The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera Alabama.  I’ve been here many times and it’s a unique joy to take photographs at the museum. There is always something new to shoot.  
I miss seeing the caboose at the end of the train.  A train crossed the road in front of me yesterday.  It’s just not the same with just the light on the last car.  It makes me happy to see places like the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum preserving cabooses for future generations to enjoy. 
One of the many cool things here is riding the train. You can purchase tickets to ride in an open car or an enclosed car.   There are also tickets available to ride in the caboose or in the engine.  I think I should take advantage of one or both of those options while I am here.   

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Photos taken with an iPhone 6 and edited with Snapseed.  

I went to the beach


By the sea
By the sea
By the beautiful sea
Me and me
Me and me
Oh how happy I be

The white sand beaches in
Gulf Shores, Alabama


Lunch at the
A short video of the ocean.

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The Alabamas were part of the confederacy of Creeks, now known as the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. They played a pivotal role in the early colonial and Revolutionary-era history of North America.
IMG_9472Representation of a summer house
IMG_9466Representation of a winter house

These were taken at Fort Toulouse.
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ps. The spacing between things drives me crazy.




A short walk from the RV, at the top of the putt putt golf course, there is a bubbling fountain.  Just before dark one evening I walked up there and took these four pictures.  I could have stood there a long time.  No two images are the same.

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DeSoto Caverns 4


A few days ago I went in the cave. Here are a some pictures.

These were taken with a Lumix GX7 and a Panasonic 20mm lens.

I’ll be posting some additional photos from this trip. I’ll also be taking the tour again before I leave.

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DeSoto Caverns 3

DeSoto Caverns 3


Living out of a camper means more time outdoors.  Why was I surprised by that?  Beats me. I think the operative words are “out of a camper”.  I know “living in a camper” gets cramped pretty quickly.  It has been raining a lot lately.

On one of those rare evenings when it wasn’t raining I wandered around outside just before and right after dark.

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DeSoto Caverns 2

Christmas Break 2013 V1.2


The cold, gray, and rainy weather kept me inside the house most my Christmas break.   I did get out a few times to take pictures and visit friends and family.

I took these pictures at an art festival in Winterboro.

It was a gray, cold day.

There was still a pretty good turn out and all the local honey had been sold by the time I arrived.

One of the best known plank roads in Alabama was the Central Plank Road running from Montgomery to Winterboro, Al.  This building is the old Plank Road Station.  The Central Plank Road, built of wooden boards, was 60 miles of toll road operated from Wetumpka.  Prior to railroads this was an important artery of travel.  Circa 1850

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