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I posted a new video about the unique experience I had on my hike this morning. 

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Myku: Life


The Anthropocene
Life is messy clean it up
Get out of your head

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Bits From My Life


Five minutes from my life. Composed of 15 second or less videos randomly taken during August 2014.

Dog Days of August from jr cline on Vimeo.

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What’s up!


Life has been crowded lately with work and play.

I’ve been working on my two on going projects:  500 Days and a Second a Day for a Year.   Both are progressing.

I went to the Grits Festival last Saturday.   You might remember it was rescheduled due to terrible weather.  Saturday was the day.   I had a good time, a coconut ice cream, and took a few (very few) pictures.
Christy and Jeremy invited me over for supper so after the festival I headed over there.   Yummy food and good company.

Father’s Day was interesting house work and all.  No children around and no father around.  lol  Not a depressing day at all.  Just odd.  Next year it is a day I will celebrate by being kind to myself.  If I don’t forget. hahahaha  Thanks go to my online friends for the good wishes.
I wasn’t alone all day, I went to play with Christy, Jeremy, and Jesse.

Some where along the way I cooked a big pot of yellow rice and veggies to munch on during the week.  Turned out delicious.  At some point it will turn into fried rice and veggies.  Variety is good.

This week is work as usual starting with a nice nine hour day today.  I was going to mow, but it stormed when I got back to the house.  I have no plans for the upcoming weekend.  Wait, that isn’t right.  Global Meditation is June 23rd.   I need to sync my meditation with that.

Up coming evil plans ~ road trips:

The end of June, along with Christy, Jeremy, and Jesse, I’m going to south Alabama for Terry Cline’s memorial service.  I loved him.  He and I had some great times.  I wish I’d spent more time with him and his lovely wife Judith.  Being so close to the gulf of Mexico,  there will be some time at the beach I hope.  *fingers crossed   I haven’t been to the beach in a long time and my spirit longs for it.

The weekend of July 4th, the four of us are going to Oak Ridge to visit Starr, Matthew, and Seren.   A trip to visit them is always amazing fun!

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500 Days: jr’s big mess

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The magnitude of the task

is part of what I’m up against.  So much stuff.

Check out my office I’ve been collecting things there for 30 years.

My Office

 All this (other than the furniture) has to be cleaned out by the end of this project.  I know it is hard for you to believe, but I’ve done a lot in there all ready.

The Garage

Garages tend to become storage areas and mine in no exception.   Gotta be cleaned up.  The stuff has to go.  How does your garage look?

The Shop

Almost all of this has to be tossed, donated, sold, or sent home with its owner.  There are some tools I’ll take with me on the road and I’ve already taken away some large items.
What do you think?  About average?  Worse that most?

I’m facing a common problem. When I look at the magnitude of what has to be done I’m overwhelmed and do nothing.  The ‘How Much I Need to Accomplish’ story my mind tells me keeps me from doing anything.

How do you deal with this situation?  This is what I am trying?

I try to ignore the big picture and just look at one little thing.  If I can stay in the present and focus on that one thing I can usually get that done.

“How do you eat an elephant? …Bite for bite.”

The incremental approach isn’t usually the most efficient approach.

Sometimes I can’t seem to pick out one thing to do out of all of it. That is what often happens when we have too many things to do. In that case my default is to do the closet thing to me or go find things to throw away.

I know to break large jobs down into small manageable pieces. I’m still in the process of making and prioritizing my lists with measurable goals  and a timeline.  However, I don’t want to fall into the trap of spending all my time planning and none of my time doing.

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.~ William Morris

Shop local artist

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“The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult.”

~ Madame Marie du Deffand

The panorama photos where taken with the DMD app on an iPhone.


500 Days: Too old?

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So I was reading You’re Never Too Old to Follow a Dream because I often hear that I’m too old for this dream.  It comes in many forms. Mostly questions.

  • What if you have a stroke/heart attack (pick a catastrophic illness)?
  • How can you leave your job?
  • How will you make ends meet?
  • What about the cost of fuel?
  • How will you survive?
  • At your age how can you sell and give away all your things?
  • What about security in your old age?
  • Where will you live when you’re too old to live in a motor home?
  • (One of my personal favorites)  What if SOMETHING happens?  Something is never specified it is always the nebulous unknown thing.

Of course I know that is a load of crap.  There are a lot of people my age and older living full time on the road.  None the less, there are times when I hear my own mind asking the same questions.   There are times when my self limiting thoughts are difficult to silence.
I have to remind myself that one is never too old to have dreams and to pursue those dreams.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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500 Days: Road Trip

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The annual jaunt to Gatlinburg TN  is this weekend and I have been brainstorming for ideas so i can continue making progress on this project while I’m away from the house since the idea behind this is to do something every day.

So far I’ve come up with these:

1.  Update Exobrain   Exobrain is one of the tools I’m using to manage this life change.
2.  Join an online RVing community for advice, tips, and ideas.  If you know of any leave a comment for me.
3. Work on this blog
4. Maintain the social networking involved in this  adventure.

I think this is more than I’ll get done with all the other things I’ll be involve with.

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff that life is made of.” – Benjamin Franklin

Have an outstanding weekend!

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500 Days: Progress report

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Day 4
Weekly Progress Report

What have I managed to do?

Launched this project
Car is fixed and out of the shop
Got some boxes and put them in the shop.  Later I’ll fill them and donate some of them to charity and others (tools) will be things I’m keeping for the road trip.
Sorted through some papers. It is amazing how ‘important’ papers accumulate. Then somehow they move from being important to being garbage while they are safely filed away.
Threw some things out that needed to go.
I maintained my other projects.
Worked on the jeep window problem.  Just a little more to do on that if I am lucky.

Not a lot I know.

If I don’t pick up the pace I won’t ever drive away in a motor home. I am not going to beat myself up over it though.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~ Lao-tzu

500 Days to a New Life


This is day one.  I’m excited about launching this project.  My life and work will never be the same.

A while back, Christy posted a link to 365 A Daily Creativity Journal.  Their concept is to “get inspired to start your own project or get the inspiration you need to keep going on one you’ve already started. And then share what you’ve created with the world!”
I was intrigued by the idea and thought I might try a 365 day creativity journal.
I worked on this idea for several days and came up with a few potential projects.  The one I’ve settled on is one I’ve been tinkering with and talking about for two years.  It’s time to get serious and get it done.  The timer is running down.
500 Days to a New Life is about radically changing my lifestyle and a lot more that is yet to be discovered.    Many things have to occur to make this dream a reality: selling my house, retiring, staying healthy, purchasing an RV, drastically reducing my possessions, income, cost of living, and….  I’m sure your imagination can fill in other things if you think about what it would take for you to start a new life on the road.
Doing the “quit my job to pursue a dream” thing is actually a little scary.  But massive change almost always is.  This project pushes me to and past my edge and that is a good thing.   I’ll definitely be cracking out of my egg.
I’ll be posting progress reports as periodic blogs, photo blogs and vlogs.
Stayed tuned!

I’m just one man and help is always appreciated.  Leave any suggestions, thoughts, questions, and/or ideas you have in the comments or send an email to me at jrclinephotos@gmail.com.
Don’t let fear prevent you from initiating change. ~  One Daughter’s Story

I’ve made a little progress today.  I have gotten a car I need to sell repaired.  I’ll be showing it to a potential buyer tomorrow.