Happiness Project 41


Happy in the month of thanksgiving.

1.  MBWR

Magnolia Branch Wildlife Refuge is a hidden gem in Central Alabama. We have have a large campsite. The (boathouse)* bathhouse is adequate. There are great bike riding spaces, a nice lake, a river, and we have cell service. It’s a bit remote which is great.

2.  A travel companion

I’ve enjoyed having a traveling companion for the last few weeks. It always seems like more fun sharing the adventure.

3.  New Front Curtains

Share your joy. Tell us something that made you happy this week.

*Things in parenthesis are messages from the muse, Autocorrect. #Maya

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Fisheye Black and White 


I like the fisheye lens from Olloclip.  

These pictures were taken by me at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum with the Hipstamatic app, and the Olloclip fisheye lens on an iPhone 6.  

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DeSoto Caverns 5


A few more from inside the cavern.

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DeSoto Caverns 4

For the Birds


A few more pictures from our trip to the Audubon Aquarium.

The macaws are in the tropical rain forest area on the top floor.  The parakeets are in a big aviary on a lower floor.  The parakeets are friendly if you purchase a little food for a bribe.

I enjoy watching the penguins.

We had a great time at the aquarium. Tweet! Tweet!

Back Story

Christy, Jesse, and I took the Amtrak Crescent from the train depot in Anniston AL to New Orleans for a week of adventure and photography. This train station is a classical revival depot and is listed in the National Registry of Historical Places. Jesse loves to ride the train. Heck, we all love to ride the train. We left August 8, 2013 and returned August 14th. Unfortunately Jeremy couldn’t go this time. He had to work. Christy’s father was kind enough to drive us to the train station and pick us up so we wouldn’t have to leave a vehicle parked there for a week. We stayed at our usual place, the historic 905 Royal Hotel in the French Quarter. The 905 Royal was built in the late 1890’s.

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MNOR Summary and progress report

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There were a lot of firsts from the MNOR road trip.

Driving a Chevy Spark
Being with the Graham family for a Christmas meal
Casey Jones Museum and Village
Visiting a freeway rest area by a lovely river that could be a vacation destination
Christmas Eve in a hotel
Christmas morning in a hotel
Christmas breakfast in a hotel restaurant.   Expensive but good.
Dim Sum Christmas meal with Starr, Matthew, and Seren.  It reminded me of A Christmas Story.  I had jellyfish there.  It was chewy but tasty.

I did pick up a few bits of information related to the 500 Days Evil Plan.    I spent some time talking with a couple who lived full time in a motorhome.  I asked them what I needed to watch for when shopping for a used motorhome.  Much to my surprise they said to make sure all the lights worked.    They said finding and fixing an electical problem in a motorhome was very difficult because of how much wiring there was.  I think they meant to make sure everything electrical worked.   I asked what brand motorhome was most dependable and they said: Holiday Rambler, Winnebago, and Tifton.    Very helpful information for my project.

What progress have I made.   Quite a bit actually.  I’ve gotten rid of a lot in my office at work, done some more yard work to make it easier to sell the house, and gotten rid of more things in the house.   Slowly but surely I’m getting there.

Have a wonderful week!


MNOR Day 1

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I didn’t get a ticket for not having a tag.  The drive to Memphis turned into a two tag drive.  Same car though. I had a nice tour around Tupelo looking for Enterprise to get another ‘Tag Applied For’ tag. The first one blew off.

Here is the car I drove.  I call it Sparky.

Sparky and I spent most the day on a lost highway.

I arrived safely and I’m hanging out in the motel.
The only pictures I took were at a rest area in Mississippi I saw a collection of metal sculptures.  Here are a few pictures.

The collection was called ‘The Garden’.


Living on the world of the fifth sun?
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500 Days: Road Trip

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The annual jaunt to Gatlinburg TN  is this weekend and I have been brainstorming for ideas so i can continue making progress on this project while I’m away from the house since the idea behind this is to do something every day.

So far I’ve come up with these:

1.  Update Exobrain   Exobrain is one of the tools I’m using to manage this life change.
2.  Join an online RVing community for advice, tips, and ideas.  If you know of any leave a comment for me.
3. Work on this blog
4. Maintain the social networking involved in this  adventure.

I think this is more than I’ll get done with all the other things I’ll be involve with.

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff that life is made of.” – Benjamin Franklin

Have an outstanding weekend!

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