A Good Day On Earth


Wednesday as I sauntered through the French Quarter, the Universe manifested a fellow traveler. She was raising money to purchase a rocket ship. 🚀

Such noble endeavor.

We spoke of many things and lastly about my space and time machine and my travels through the universe.

I took her picture, contributed to the cause, and sauntered on.

It is a good day on planet earth.

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Happiness Project #15


The Happy Things Project continues.  Each week I try to post 3 things that create happiness in my eternal Now. There will be apparent repetition but Now brings new and unique happinesses even to what seems old.  
1.  The French Quarter 
is a place that never lets me down when I’m out doing street photography.  From the people to the architecture there is always something to photograph.  

2.  Making it my own 
I have been living in this RV for over two years and I’m finally beginning to make it my own.  Interior decorating has never been one of my strengths. 
I know it isn’t much, but I’ve replaced the factory comforter with mandala patterned bedding.  I’m very excited about it. 
3.  Travel Days
They used to terrify me.  Now I look forward to them.   Changing locations, seeing new things, meeting new friends, and visiting with old friends…yes, I like travel days.  Today is a travel day.  I’ll be moving from Atmore, AL to Montgomery, AL.  

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Red Dress Run Day


New Orleans Red Dress Run is a big party.  I didn’t attend, but the runners and their friends were all over the place.

The first pictures where taken on the street in front of the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas.

A runner on crutches?  Surely not.

The next group of pictures was taken in the French Quarter.

These people were at Jackson Square.

One of the many street performers is inside the red Solo cup.

This young woman was on the corner near the 905 Royal Hotel were we were staying.  She is taking a picture of a street performer playing the saxophone.

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